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About Me


My Story

I can remember at the age of eight or so, exploring around my childhood home and neighborhood with my father’s canon camera. There was never any film in the camera but I just wanted to hear the sound of the click the camera made every time I took a “picture”- with no film. I also recall begging my mother for a Polaroid camera and the only thing I took pictures of was my puppy – with weird and different angles. I just had a love for all things creative and I felt most comfortable with art and design. I felt like Art class was the only place I really excelled in, but growing up in The Bahamas in the early 90’s didn’t support the idea of kids seeking a career in the art and design industry- at least in my opinion.

Fast forward to college- while studying Communication at Florida Atlantic University, I bought one or two disposable cameras a week just to have on hand or to make sure I captured any and every moment. All a while the idea of studying photography never crossed my mind. By the time I finished graduate school at Florida State University I had graduated to a point and shoot camera. With an extensive photo library that documents almost every moment in my college career, I can’t understand why I didn’t even see the underlying passion I possessed.

During graduate school, I fell in love with my now husband, Dominic. I have always admired how he has been able to identify his gifts and use them to foster a successful professional career.He is a former professional track and field athlete. During his career, he has been a two-time Olympian, IAAF World Indoor 200 m Gold Medalist and the Bahamian National recorder holder in the 200 m for over 10 yrs and that’s just to name a few of his professional accomplishments. During his transition from his athletic career to his coaching career, I’ve watched him channel his passion and I’ve wanted to emulate that. But I still could not identify what I was passionate about. It was right on my face and I could not see it.

Then right before my thirtieth birthday, I had that moment where you reevaluate your life and I asked myself “what are you doing with your life?”- career wise that is. So my amazing and supportive husband decided he wanted to help; coupled with the fact that he and my daughters grew tired of being subjected to having their every moment being captured by my point and shoot, he bought me my first DSLR camera. He not only bought me the camera, he convinced a dear friend Karen Shinkins (an amazing photographer) to coach me. After a few months of being her pupil, I then became Karen’s second shooter during weddings and fell in love with the craft. Then in 2012, I decided to start GDemeritte Photography. I had found my passion and it was all thanks to my amazing husband. God is truly amazing and I’m so grateful that He has blessed me with my life and this journey. Being married to him has brought me so many amazing purposes in life: wife, mother to three wonderful kids: Sanae, Saige & Grayson and now “professional life capture-er.” ( I made that word up!)

I want my images to capture people in the innocence of the moment. I love to see the joy and happiest that my clients can feel during our sessions and I hope it’s because of the comfort level between me and them. Whether it’s the glow of a bride or a mom-to-be, the excitement of a birthday party or shower, the joy of a family, the new love of an engaged couple, the first look of a bride and groom, or the innocence of a newborn- these moments should not be taken for granted or missed. I want to help my clients capture them all. Photography allows me to give gifts that are truly priceless and for that I’m grateful.

With love,